Eau Kalin


EAU KALIN which is a magnificent alkalinized that contains magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium among others, in ionic form so that your body can enjoy the benefits of these vital minerals.
These ions help prevent colon cancer, reduce obesity, maintain acid-base balance, which controls the amount and normal distribution of water in the body and helps to regulate all cellular functions, and especially in the excitability of the heart, muscles and nervous system. It is essential for the movement of the myocardium and activates the enzymatic systems, among other essential benefits to keep your body healthy.
Alkalinized water is a powerful antioxidant, since it favors the production of oxygen and helps to combat free radicals, in turn correcting the acid / alkaline balance of the body, which regenerates cells and fights the different signs of aging.

The recommended use for EAU KALIN is 10 to 15 drops per 34 oz of water daily. One easy way to remember is if you use Water Bottles, those are generally 16 Oz so you would pour in 5-7 drops per water bottle and drink 2 water bottles daily. Remember not to exceed 20 drops per day.