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Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency with Vacuum, & Lipo Laser Belt.
You can also alternate body parts monthly.
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Ultrasonic cavitation is an FDA-cleared, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment. Also called ultrasound cavitation, ultra cavitation, fat cavitation, or cavi lipo, the procedure uses ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells in targeted treatment areas—typically the upper arms, belly, love handles, thighs, or chin.

Cavi lipo is often presented as an alternative to body contouring with liposuction, but unlike surgical lipo—which can produce optimal results with a single procedure—you’ll need multiple (as in, up to 12) ultrasonic cavitation treatments to see significant changes. You’ll also have to wait up to three months for your lymphatic system to flush the dead cells before you'll see your final results.

While it's not a quick fix, this body sculpting method has other advantages. Each ultrasonic cavitation session is relatively quick: it takes about an hour for your provider to glide the cavitation machine’s handheld probe over the desired area, delivering low-frequency sound waves that “vibrate” the walls of the fat cells until they burst and turn into free fatty acids the body can expel.

How does Vacuum RF Therapy work?

The Vacuum RF therapy system uses suction and pressure to release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. Along with Radio Frequency energies to create superficial and deep heating of connective tissue fibers, dermal collagen fibers and fat cells. These energies soften the connective tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen for improved skin elasticity and resilience. By creating cellular turnover, the skin appears tighter and more youthful. The results include a localized reduction in skin laxity, increased dermal volume and improved skin texture and structure.

It is frequently recommended for:

*Reducing excess fat deposit in hips, thighs and buttocks
*Improved blood circulation
*Relaxing muscle tension
*Increased lymph circulation and elimination of toxins
*Improved skin tightness, firmness and elasticity
*Prevention of cellulite by inhibiting fat storage

The treatment itself is painless (it has even been called relaxing) and requires little to no downtime. Risks are minimal and side effects are rare.

4 Sessions a month for 6 months
$1500 (A $2280 Value)

4 Sessions a month for 12 months
$2800 (A $4560 Value)

4 Sessions a month for 6 months
$2000 (A $2640 Value)
(2 parts of the body weekly)

4 Session a month for 12 months
$4750 (A $5280 Value)
(2 parts of the body weekly)